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This Battle Calls For Massive Firepower by PeterBullet
This Battle Calls For Massive Firepower

The Eldar Fire Prism from WH40k.  Painted from a reference photo. It can be easily found by typing "Fire Prism" into Google's image search. In my opinion this turned out absolutely beautiful! I really like the colors, details and clean contours. :)

The bonus side in drawing WH40k stuff is that now I have a valid excuse to quote the unit's voice overs somewhere.

A Riddle That I Never Solved by PeterBullet
A Riddle That I Never Solved

She is wondering what happened to the rest of her unit and if she is ever going to see them again. Sometimes I miss my old colleagues.

(This one's dedicated to Tomi, Riku, Mikko, Matti and Ville)

Ikuisuuteen Karkaavat Tahdet Paljastaa 2016 by PeterBullet
Ikuisuuteen Karkaavat Tahdet Paljastaa 2016

I had a list of stuff I was supposed to do for the evening, but when I was leaving from work I heard this legendary finnish song that has always had a lot of emotional value for me. I remembered a drawing I made inspired by this back in 2010. I started thinking - could I now do better? So, I never finished the other stuff, but the drawing turned out to be really great!

This was drawn from my own imagination, without any references. I like the facial expression. I really love the feeling when I can just lie down and be content with just being, without doing anything. I think this image manages to capture that feeling.

We Will Deliver The Killing Blow by PeterBullet
We Will Deliver The Killing Blow

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit from the game Dawn Of War : Dark Crusade. Seven years ago I played this game copius amounts. I like to tell my friends that this game postponed my studies by six months (in truth it didn't). This is one of my favourite units in the game. It looks really cool, is great for breaking enemy morale and is extremely mobile.

Technically this isn't from the game, because I used a reference photo that was taken from a real model. It can be found here:…  . Cheers to that guy!

High voltage by PeterBullet
High voltage

At the beginning of 2016 I was cycling home from a new year's party. At one point I glanced to my side and saw full moon peeking through the clouds. In the fore ground I could make out the silhouette of powerlines. That sight looked so cool that I just had to paint something like that when I got home. Painting is actually the only way to preserve that sight, because digital cameras don't really work at night ;).

Techincally this piece is quite simple, but the colours create an atmosphere. I also think the sky has pretty good perception of depth.



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If you notice something fishy about the signatures on my paintings/drawings... I originally signed them with my real name, but edited the signs later for DA. Just in case someone thinks I stole these x). (Who would want to do that anyway? I truly love my own art, but I know I'm not a professional :) )

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